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Dr. Jack P. Griffin often travels the world to provide continuing dental education opportunities for dental professionals. Fresh from a trip to French Polynesia with Mindware Educational Seminars, Dr. Griffin subsequently headed to Longboat Key, Florida to participate in the Smiles in the Sun Seminars program. The organization invites some of the leading dentists in America to share their knowledge and expertise with other dentists and professionals in the dental field.

At Smiles in the Sun, our experienced cosmetic dentist spoke about a number of state-of-the-art dental treatment and diagnostic techniques. His curriculum included discussions on advanced regenerative materials, digital x-ray technology, utilizing the best bonding agents for tooth restoration, and many other aspects of cosmetic and restorative dentistry. Dr. Griffin also spoke about a range of techniques and standard practices that can help create the best possible results for porcelain restoration procedures.

Sharing information and engaging in continuing education is one of the best ways to propel the field of dentistry forward into the future, and Dr. Griffin is proud to play a vital role in that universal goal. He says his time with Smiles in the Sun allowed him to meet many other dentists from across the country and talk about new and exciting techniques designed to make the treatment process better and more successful than ever for patients.