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One of the best ways to keep the field of dentistry advancing into the future is for skilled and experienced dentists to share their knowledge with other dental professionals as often as possible. Dr. Jack D. Griffin has made continuing dental education one of his top priorities throughout his career, heading to dental conferences and symposia throughout the world in order to spread the word about some of the latest techniques in dentistry. In fact, Dr. Griffin recently attended the Florida Dental Convention (FDC), which is the official conference of the Florida Dental Association. At the event, Dr. Griffin led two courses covering the benefits of using state-of-the-art materials in dental care.

Dr. Griffin’s course entitled “Let’s Grow Tooth” discussed some of the latest bioactive/regenerative dental materials that can help a tooth’s dentin repair and heal itself. Tooth restoration techniques that utilize these materials can ultimately stimulate cells and promote tissue regeneration, which can be very helpful in maintaining long-term health of the affected teeth.

For Dr. Griffin’s second course at the FDC, “Cementation Sanity,” he spoke to other dental professionals about the many types of dental materials available to provide patients with durable restorations. Dr. Griffin evaluated a number of materials involved in the preparation, cementation, and adjustment process, and discussed techniques that can ensure the best possible outcomes.

Dr. Griffin says he is very proud to have been able to meet so many experienced and talented dentists at the FDC event in Kissimmee, and he looks forward to many other educational events coming up over the summer.