Achieve a Straight Smile with Our Customized Treatment Options

Orthodontics is perhaps the oldest and most conservative way to make over a smile. Often overlooked by doctors who only like to place porcelain veneers, it is always considered an option for smile correction in our office. Our experienced cosmetic dentists have extensive training in many types of orthodontics, including Invisalign®, tooth colored braces, and traditional brackets. Our goal is to correct bite problems while straightening the teeth, without the need for tooth extraction or headgear.

At Eureka Smiles, orthodontics are a large part of our practice that serves patients from all of St. Louis. We use a variety of methods for correcting spaces, crowding, or rotated or missing teeth and provide treatment for adults as well as children. We feel we offer many of the techniques necessary to develop a thorough plan that can meet your needs, expectations, and speed of treatment desired.

Orthodontics for Adults and Children

Braces aren’t just for kids any more! At Eureka Smiles in St. Louis County, a large part of our practice is dedicated to providing orthodontic solutions to straighten the teeth of adults as well as children. Thanks to our cosmetic dentists’ advanced training and constant pursuit of the latest in dental technology, we are able to make available a variety of tooth-straightening methods, from traditional metal braces to tooth-colored braces and the colorless tooth alignment system, Invisalign®. Our extensively trained dentists and their team can customize a treatment plan to suit the specific needs and goals of each patient.

colorsOur orthodontics goal for younger patients is to straighten their teeth and create a beautiful smile, along with ensuring proper occlusion and bite alignment for years of stability. Though we primarily use traditional braces for our juvenile patients, we almost never extract teeth or use headgear. To ensure our patients’ comfort, we use only light force wires and seldom use separators or spacers. It is our goal to make orthodontic treatment as painless and, indeed, pleasant, as possible for youngsters. To this end, we feature all the latest colors for your child’s braces and rubber bands so they can straighten in style. We strive to complete all orthodontic treatment for our younger patients after one to two years of braces.

bracketsOur adult patients who seek to straighten their smiles usually desire an orthodontic system that is as discreet as possible. For our “grown up” orthodontic patients, we are proud to offer traditional braces that are custom designed to closely match the color of their teeth. With tooth-colored brackets, only a thin wire is visible, and only from close proximity. Tooth-colored braces allow our dentists and orthodontics team to fine-tune the positioning of teeth and the system acts as the best method for our adult patients with significantly crooked or crowded teeth.


Invisalign® can help to discreetly and conveniently straighten your teeth and improve your smile. You may be struggling with crooked teeth, gaps, and/or bite problems, but fear the discomfort or embarrassment of traditional metal braces interfering with your appearance. With Invisalign®, the teeth aligners are clear so they can go virtually unnoticed. The treatment gradually works to move your teeth into a more desirable position. The clear aligners can also be removed during eating, drinking, brushing, and flossing. You can renew the appearance of your teeth and restore confidence in your smile with Invisalign®.

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Bioliner Plus™ System

Patients who seek an inconspicuous way to straighten their teeth may have another treatment option in the form of the Bioliner Plus™ Clear Aligner System. This innovative process uses a unique two-tray-per-aligner approach to gently guide teeth into the proper positioning at a rate of 1.5 mm of movement per aligner compared to the 0.25 mm per aligner that is typical of other tooth straightening technologies. Depending on your concerns, this can result in a faster treatment time in relation to other orthodontic systems.

The secret to Bioliner Plus™ is an EVA insert placed in one tray (“tray-A”) that allows delicate and continuous motion of teeth, while addressing issues in the lower anterior and upper lateral rotations commonly experienced with other clear aligners. After “tray-A” is worn for approximately two to three weeks, the second tray without an EVA insert— “tray-B”—is worn for one to two weeks to finish the process before the next series is ordered (if necessary). After treatment is complete, the final “tray-B” aligner can even be used as a retainer for up to two years. The Bioliner Plus™ system works best for candidates with mild to moderate tooth misalignment. If you are unsure which orthodontic treatment is ideal for your needs, Drs. Klumb or Menolascino can meet with you to help determine whether Bioliner Plus™ can achieve your cosmetic goals while providing a healthy bite.

If you would like to learn more about the exciting advances in orthodontics available at Eureka Smiles, contact our dentists at our St. Louis county offices today. We can help patients who are interested in metal braces or Invisalign. From fun and wacky colors on braces for children, to discreet yet effective methods for adults, we have the orthodontic solution that is perfect for you.