Eureka, MO — Dental implants can be an effective option for patients seeking to replace missing teeth or secure dentures to their gums. At his St. Louis cosmetic dentistry practice, Dr. Jack Griffin, Jr. utilizes the latest dental implant techniques in order to restore smiles and achieve his patients’ cosmetic goals. Implants can provide a comfortable, natural-looking solution to missing or partial teeth while also helping to improve the confidence patients have in their smiles, says Dr. Griffin. He adds that he feels offering dental implants helps him to enhance and strengthen the level of care his practice is able to provide the community.

The actual dental implant is a titanium rod shaped like the root of a tooth. When replacing a tooth, Dr. Griffin inserts the implant into the gum in the targeted location and allows it to fuse to the jawbone. Complete integration of the implant and jawbone can take several weeks depending on the structure of the patient’s jaw, among other factors. Once the implant has fused and the area has healed, a post is screwed into the implant and impressions are taken to construct a customized tooth. In some instances, Dr. Griffin is able to construct the replacement tooth in his office using the CEREC® same day porcelain crowns system; however, other cases require impressions to be sent to a ceramist for more complex tooth construction. Regardless of the construction method, the new tooth is custom-made to match the shape and coloring of the patient’s surrounding teeth.

Similarly to the tooth replacement technique, Dr. Griffin secures denture implants into the tissues underlying the patient’s gums. In order to effectively secure dentures, the St. Louis dentist offers many different types of implants (spanning from MINI implants to a standard size), and he provides a pre-treatment consultation to discuss which option is best for each individual case. Once the chosen implant is secured in the gums, he places abutments on top of the anchors in order for the dentures to “snap” into place. Additionally, Dr. Griffin provides a unique technique known as All-on-4 (designed by Nobel Biocare) that enables him to secure a full set of dentures with only four implants.

No matter what their reason for seeking dental implants, Dr. Griffin believes patients should always consult with a qualified and experienced dentist before undergoing any treatment. He says qualified dentists have the skill and expertise to help patients make decisions that are in their best interests, adding that a strong dentist-patient relationship can ultimately help patients achieve their cosmetic goals.

About Jack Griffin, Jr. D.M.D.

After receiving his Bachelor of Sciences degree from Southern Illinois University, Dr. Jack Griffin, Jr. earned his medical degree from Southern Illinois University School of Dental Medicine. He has published many respected medical articles and journals, and he devotes numerous hours to teaching dental courses for other medical professionals. Dr. Griffin is a member of the American Dental Association, the Missouri Dental Association, and the Academy of General Dentistry, among many other prestigious organizations. He is also the founder of Eureka Smiles located in Eureka, MO.

Located at 18 Hilltop Village Center Dr. Eureka, MO 63025, Eureka Smiles can be reached at 636-938-6241. Dr. Griffin can also be contacted online at


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