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Dr. Jack Griffin says oral conscious sedation dentistry can help patients overcome a very common problem that may be keeping them from obtaining vital dental care: fear of the dentist.

Eureka, MO – It’s been estimated that around 50 percent of people in America have some level of anxiety about going to the dentist. In fact, fear of undergoing treatment may have prevented many individuals from receiving necessary dental care, which can ultimately endanger their teeth, gums, and even overall health. Dr. Jack Griffin, a dentist in Eureka and the St. Louis area, says there have been numerous advances in the field of sedation dentistry over the years that make it possible for patients to alleviate their anxieties and have a more comfortable, virtually pain-free dental experience.

Dental anxiety can be caused by a number of issues, including:

  • Fear of needles and other dental instruments
  • Discomfort with the sights, sounds, smells and tastes associated with dental treatment
  • Teeth and gum sensitivity
  • Fear of treatment that requires an extended period of time to complete
  • Past traumatic dental experience

At Eureka Smiles, Dr. Griffin offers oral conscious sedation dentistry to help patients overcome these fears. Oral conscious sedation involves the taking of a small pill about an hour before dental treatment. Once treatment begins, the patient should feel extremely relaxed. The oral conscious sedation technique is not designed to put patients into a deep sleep – they should be able to communicate with the dental team during the entire procedure; however, Dr. Griffin says, patients should be so relaxed throughout the treatment that they may not have any memory of it taking place once it is complete.

The Eureka dentist says patients who have oral conscious sedation are monitored throughout the dental procedure to ensure everything is running smoothly. He notes that most patients typically experience very few side effects of oral conscious sedation other than grogginess and drowsiness after the treatment. This makes it important for individuals to arrange for someone to bring them to and from their appointment.

Overall, Dr. Griffin believes that oral conscious sedation can be a very good option for many patients to get the treatment they need while conquering their fear of the dentist. He says this advanced sedation dentistry technique can ultimately help people experience a more comfortable office visit and obtain a healthier, more beautiful smile.

About Jack Griffin, DMD

Dr. Jack Griffin is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, the American Dental Association, the American Society for Dental Aesthetics, the American Orthodontic Society, and other dental organizations. He is also a Diplomat of the American Board of Aesthetic Dentistry, and holds Mastership status in the Academy of General Dentistry. Dr. Griffin earned his dental degree from the Southern Illinois University dental school and completed his residency in general dentistry at the University of Louisville. He began his Eureka practice in 1988. Along with his colleague, Dr. Eric Klumb, Dr. Griffin offers a comprehensive range of general, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry procedures at Eureka Smiles. Dr. Griffin is available for interview upon request.

For more information on sedation dentistry, visit eurekasmile.com or facebook.com/EurekaSmileCenter.


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