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Dr. Eric Klumb and Dr. Mike Menolascino understand that many of our patients suffer from dental anxiety, which can make even a routine visit to our office a very difficult experience and can even prevent them from seeking crucial dental care. To help such patients remain at ease and to encourage them to seek necessary treatment, we are pleased to be one of only a few dental practices in the area to offer oral-conscious sedation dentistry. To perform sedation dentistry, extensive training and special permits are required, and not many dentists are trained in this advanced technique. Both Drs. Menolascino and Klumb are fully qualified and specially trained in performing sedation dentistry. Our experienced dentists are dedicated to creating the most comfortable and relaxed dental experience possible for you.

Oral Conscious Sedation

With oral conscious sedation, patients simply swallow a small pill about an hour before treatment, which helps them ease into a state of calm relaxation. Patients remain conscious and fully aware of their surroundings, but are so relaxed that they feel no anxiety during treatment. This sedation dentistry technique should not cause you to fall into a deep sleep; however, you will be so relaxed that you may not even remember having the treatment until it’s complete. One of our staff members will monitor your vital signs throughout the procedure to make sure everything is running smoothly at all times. An added benefit of sedation dentistry is that it allows patients to comfortably undergo multiple procedures in one visit instead of numerous visits, which can save them time, as well as help them achieve their dream smile more quickly and comfortably than ever!

Drs. Menolascino and Klumb have years of experience in sedation dentistry, the latest in monitoring and safety equipment, and a very well-trained staff to handle these advanced techniques. It is our pleasure to offer this to you, so that your visit can be relaxing, safe, and virtually pain-free.

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