Jack D Griffin, Jr DMD MAGD
Format: Lecture and participation
             Half, full day, 2 day workshops
             Doctors, staff

Let’s do it…the hands on photography course. In this day of heightened cosmetic awareness, we are held to higher cosmetic standards than at any time in dental history. Learning to do excellent digital photography may be the single most important tool needed to improve our cosmetic results. Capturing excellent digital images is critical in cosmetic case planning, patient education, case enhancement, lab communication, technique evaluation, practice promotion, and treatment documentation. We will end the confusion with lecture, presentations, and hands on components featuring the latest in camera equipment and how to use it. We make the complex easy.

Excellent photography forms the framework for our clinical treatment, enhancements, and corrections…a real skill and practice builder. Participants will watch demonstrations for each image series needed and then have the opportunity to capture these images on some of the latest and best equipment available. This is a very comprehensive course on many aspects of digital photography and cosmetic techniques and is intended for any dentist or staff looking to increase dental skills, practice growth, and digital photography skills. Do what you have learned!

This highly rated course can be done as a lecture, hand-on, or both. Dr Griffin brings the equipment he uses every day in practice and shows efficient and predictable ways of achieving excellent results. For participation courses, it is encouraged (but not mandatory) for participants to bring the equipment they normally use for help with set up and capturing techniques. Generally the best way to learn photography is to do a full day with lecture and hands on intermingled…this gives each participant the opportunity to DO what is LEARNED. This is the course you need to obtain consistent, high quality images.

Hands-on Course outline:

  1. What equipment to buy: camera, retractors, contrastors…all the goodies
  2. What buttons to push (or not push), how to capture consistently great images easily
  3. Mastering the basic images for case documentation, lab communication, practice growth
  4. Photographing the cosmetic case – what and when
  5. Portrait capture using “normal” dental photography materials and operatory space
  6. How to use photography to have patients WANT what you would like to do for them


Click on a link below to downlod the course handout.