Jack D Griffin, Jr DMD MAGD

Format: Lecture
Half or full day
Doctors, all staff

Efficiency is defined as competency in performance while accomplishing a job with minimum expenditure of time and effort. It would be nice if efficiency was just about hiring another staff member, receiving free supplies, inserting $49 crowns, or buying the magic piece of equipment or tool. Not so easy. It’s more about developing a vision of what you want your practice to be, having a well-designed office with great equipment, having a terrific support team, and doing profitable procedures as fast and well as possible. Practice enjoyment comes from being efficient at whatever level of dentistry you do. Those will make you a happy practitioner. Those are what we are going to focus on.
ipadappThis is a comprehensive course combining the best of clinical dentistry with the art of business.
4 critical areas lead to a highly efficient practice: the office itself, the staff, the schedule, and highly predictable clinical procedures. Control of these areas results in less stress, more enjoyment, and greater profitability. The way to flourish in any economy is to offer a wide variety of efficient procedures that patients need and want. It all starts with an office that shows the quality of work you want to do and having the right equipment and organization to make it happen. Then we have to fill the office with a staff that truly believes “It’s not about me”. It then makes sense that we have a plan in place to keep the schedule full of people who desire our work. What are the best marketing ideas now? How do we get patients to say “YES, I want that”? Then, once the chairs are full, we must have clinical skills delivering exceptional care with a focus on more durable esthetic materials. Everyday procedures like bioactive materials, quadrant posterior composites, cementation sanity, zirconia and lithium disilicate……newer materials and techniques to make practice more predictable and efficient. The goal…busier, better, blissful!

Lecture outline:

  1. The office – the layout, equipment, technology, and policies can all be the limiting factor for success. Providing and environment for others to succeed.
  2. The staff — “pay peanuts-get monkeys”, “It’s not about me”, motivation, set ME people free.
  3. The schedule – schedule engineering, marketing, the office portfolio, digital media. The best marketing in today’s economy and what is working digitally.
  4. The clinical skill- profitable every-day procedures that seldom fail …right the first time efficiency and profitability, recession proof procedures like ortho and implants, regenerative dentistry, efficient composites, the most durable crown and bridge EVER. Cannot be efficient with poor clinical skills
  5. Lowering stress and learning to enjoy dentistry.


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