The BIG Picture

Jack D Griffin, Jr DMD MAGD

Format: Lecture, participation, or both
Half, full day, or half day workshops
Doctors, all staff

In this day of heightened cosmetic awareness, we are held to higher cosmetic standards than at any time in dental history It’s much more than just taking before and after “pictures”. Excellent digital photography may be the single most important tool needed to improve our cosmetic results and refine our skills. Great photos should be routinely used to plan, prepare, evaluate, and correct our cosmetic cases.
We will learn what images to take, what to do with them, and how to use them to grow your practice while having patients want the kind of work you like to do. We make the complex easy.

This is much more than just a “photography” course. We will cover case documentation, developing the office portfolio, setting yourself apart with the web site gallery, and what images to take to help the patient accept the cosmetic work you want to do. Photography also forms the framework for doing everyday dentistry including gingival recontouring, choosing porcelains, evaluating cement shades, and enhancing direct composites. The ultimate records for lab communication will be taught showing a variety of cases from single tooth porcelain matching to complex restorative/cosmetic cases. The basics of great portrait photography will be demonstrated while emphasizing how to capture the emotion needed to have other patients ask for your cosmetic expertise.

This is a very comprehensive course on many aspects of digital photography and cosmetic techniques and is intended for any dentist or staff looking to increase dental skills, practice growth, and digital photography skills.
Dr Griffin brings the equipment he uses every day in practice and shows efficient and predictable ways of achieving excellent results. For participation courses, it is encouraged (but not mandatory) for participants to bring the equipment they normally use for help with set up and capturing techniques. This is the course you need to obtain consistent, high quality images.

Lecture outline:

  1. Equipment needed to take efficient, excellent images…camera system, retractors, mirrors, contrastors
  2. What settings to use, what buttons to push (or not push) – simplicity in excellence
  3. Mastering the basic images – consistent series for all applications, simplified portraits
  4. Lab communication – photos needed for great shade matching and the ultimate ceramist communication
  5. Porcelain restorations – planning, prepping, and perfecting complex cosmetic cases
  6. Composites – nailing single tooth composite matching and enhancing composite veneers
  7. The portfolio – excellent photography to market…having patient WANT dentistry you like to do


Click on a link below to downlod the course handout.