Simplifying all restorations with the most successful aesthetic materials EVER.


Jack D Griffin, Jr DMD MAGD

Format: Lecture and participation
Half or full day workshops
Doctors, clinical staff


letstick3So many materials, so little time. With a myriad of newer restorative materials and seemingly endless choices in luting materials and bonding systems… could this stuff be any more confusing? There are excellent materials today that can help us minimize sensitivity, decrease de-bonding, stop micro-leakage, and reduce problems we may have with our restorations. They key is having an arsenal that is versatile and almost universal in application and understanding how and when to use them. When do we etch, bond, cement, rinse, blow, cure……? Is there a porcelain material that is indicated in almost EVERY situation? How many layers do we need in a posterior composite and how do we get tight contacts and great contours every time? Ever had a patient say “Doc, that tooth was never a problem until you fixed it”? Let’s stop the madness.

letstick2The goal of this course is to simplify materials and techniques to provide great success with an increased efficiency with both indirect and direct esthetic restorations. We will learn indications for newer indirect materials such as Lithium Dislicate and Zirconia with preparation and placement methods for each. We will learn how to prep fast for <success, do great build-ups, and simplify esthetic post placement with new universal bonding materials. Time will be spent learning BIOACTIVE materials that actually stimulate tooth formation. We will eliminate problems you have with posterior composites such as weak contacts, sensitivity, and slow placement with predictable matrix systems, bulk fill materials, and great bonding techniques. We will learn how to do it right the first time and to make the practice more enjoyable and efficient.

Course outline:

  1. New indirect materials…. The strongest, most durable materials ever.
  2. Lithium disilicate and zirconia…when and how to use to revolutionize your practice success.
  3. Let’s Grow Tooth … Regenerative/BIOACTIVE materials…instead of just filling holes, provide an environment where dentin can prosper.
  4. Universal bonding agents…the new “GOTTA HAVE” materials and how to use them.
  5. Cementation Sanity … luting classes – what type of cement and when.
  6. Bulk fill materials for posterior restorations…more predictable, more efficient.
  7. The foundation for success…great post and cores, preps, dentin replacement.
  8. Predictable bonding, shaping, and contact formation for efficient posterior composites.
  9. New impression systems…is it time to go digital? Best materials for impressions.
  10. Drills, burs, lights and other goodies you thought were boring.




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