Byte this… Success and profit with digital impressions, CAD/CAM restorations, and other gidgets and gadjets

Jack D Griffin, Jr DMD MAGD

Format: Lecture and participation
Half, full day, 2 day workshops
Doctors, staff

Digital impressions and CAD/CAM restorations have become an everyday reality for modern dentistry. Whether lab or office made, a large percentage of all porcelain restorations inserted today are designed and milled This course is intended to “de-mystify” the world of digital dentistry while reviewing various choices in digital impression taking, porcelain selection, preparations for success, and CAD/CAM fabrication. The techniques taught for preparation, porcelain selection, and cementation applies universally to most all porcelain systems. We will discuss and show cases that may make you change the types of restorations you currently offer.

In office CAD/CAM systems such as CEREC® and E4D® restorations have gained great momentum because of advancements in computer software and ease in design. Dr. Griffin has been involved with CEREC® CAD/CAM restoration education for over 10 years and has inserted over 10,000 restorations. He hides nothing and teaches very clearly which techniques and materials have been successful and which have not. The basic concepts of this system for routine posterior restorations as well as customization of anterior teeth are covered in a very clear and entertaining fashion. Demonstrations of this technology are done as time, space, and support permits.

This course is designed for those offices wanting to do the most current dental procedures in a very efficient way. We will try to take the stress and guess work out of the newer esthetic materials and show what gives years of success in every day practice. You will leave this course confident in your choices for routine indirect dentistry for your patients. The participation component for this course depends greatly upon the course location and ability for sponsors to provide CAD/CAM equipment and materials.

Lecture outline:

  1. Technology that is working…what’s worth the money and what is not
  2. An overview and comparison of tooth colored indirect material…what REALLY works
  3. Laboratory CAD/CAM – single crowns that almost never fail and fit like gold
  4. Who should and who should NOT consider owning a chairside CAD/CAM system
  5. Comparison of the current digital impressions systems
  6. The advantages of digital impressions and techniques for efficiency
  7. Anterior and posterior preparations for success with all porcelain restorations
  8. Restoration finishing…staining, glazing, polishing
  9. Successful and predictable porcelain bonding…making sense of a crazy cementation world


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