While healthy tooth enamel can be very durable, chips in the tooth structure are a relatively common occurrence. They can be caused by falls, sports injuries, or something as simple as chewing on nuts and hard candy. In addition to the obvious cosmetic concerns presented by breaks in the enamel, chipped teeth can cause many different functional problems, such as an impaired bite, gum irritation, pain from jagged surfaces, and a weaker tooth overall. Fortunately, Dr. Eric Klumb and Dr. Mike Menolascino can repair tooth chips of any variety with a custom treatment plan designed to restore the full integrity of your smile.  

Our comprehensive dentistry services can address:

  • Minor chips: Mild damage can be corrected with cosmetic bonding, a quick in-office treatment that utilizes a composite, tooth-colored resin to restore the tooth. 
  • Moderate chips: Damage that does not affect biting function can often be masked with a porcelain veneer, a thin yet durable shell placed over the front of a tooth to conceal chips, cracks, and other dental flaws. If the chip occurred on the surface of a molar, your dentist may alternatively suggest a dental inlay or onlay to protect your tooth. 
  • Severe enamel damage: In some cases, a dental crown may be the best restoration to repair a chipped tooth. This treatment is generally reserved for patients whose teeth are weak, decayed, or in need of additional support. 

Conveniently, most of these treatments can be completed in one or two office visits. If you have a chipped tooth, the skilled dentists at our Eureka practice can make your tooth whole again using the most ideal technique for your needs. Contact Eureka Smiles to schedule a consultation or to learn more about how our team can help you obtain a flawless smile.